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Dental Artistry Special Offers!

Book your free PRSI check-up at Dental Artistry!

PRSI payers are entitled to one free dental check-up per year!

If you are currently employed and paying PRSI claim the free dental check-up that is available under the scheme!

You may be entitled to certain treatments, which the government will pay for on your behalf. The rules are very straight forward and you can test your eligibility and find out what entitlements you may have at www.welfare.ie

Everyone who pays PRSI is entitled to a free dental check-up. It is important to note that not all dentists are registered providers of the PRSI dental scheme, but at Dental Artistry Dublin we ensure that our practice is entitled to carry out your free exam.

A regular dental check-up allow us to find early signs of diseases such as tooth decay, teeth grinding, gum disease and even oral cancer.

Prevention is the best medicine!

Are you a student? Have 10% off!

We were all students once and we loved student discounts!
Use your student card to get you a 10% discount* on all your dental treatment!

*The 10% discount can not be used on any current deals or already discounted treatment. 

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