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We recognise and appreciate that dental phobia or a fear of the dentist is a very common anxiety which many of our patients experience. Dental Artistry Clinic takes pride in being the ideal clinic for nervous patients as we can help you to feel comfortable and calm during our dental treatments.

How do you calm
nervous patients?

For some, dental care seems unattainable due to the fear and anxiety caused by challenging past dental experiences and the complexities and duration of certain dental procedures. If you feel scared, nervous or uncomfortable when you get to the dentist’s practice, you’re not alone. Rest assured that there are ways to calm your nerves, especially if you are scared of the dentist but still need and agree to treatment.
At Dental Artistry Clinic we care that you feel comfortable and confident during your visit with us. You’ll never need to feel nervous visiting the dentist again.

Dental Fear – this is the sensation of feeling pain during a dental procedure, even if said pain is not really present. This pain can be psychosomatic, so your dentist will attempt to use a suitable pain relief to put you at your ease. It is important to have a pre-arranged hand signal with your dentist, so he or she will stop what they are doing if you are experiencing pain. Experiencing dental fear even once can cause people to avoid attending their dentist in the

Dental Phobia – this is the most extreme state of anxiety or fear identified by psychologists. It is that sense of panic when the dental appointment reminder comes through the letterbox. This sense of panic can only be relieved by avoiding the dentist altogether. Usually sufferers of dental phobia have NOT had a bad experience at the dentist that has resulted in their deep-seated fear. Like all phobias, there is a large degree of irrationality involved. However, phobias are essentially habits, so it takes time and counselling to unravel the symptoms and come to a solution so that the prospect of a dental exam does not fill you with an all-consuming fear.

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