Routine Exam – Initial Consultation

Routine Examination: Initial consultation, examination, diagnosis and treatment plan!

A healthy mouth is an important part of overall wellness and well-being. During a dental consultation at Dental Artistry your dentist will give you a full oral assessment to establish your oral health. And recommend the best treatments if needed.

Your dentist will examine: old fillings, crowns, veneers and the health of your gum.

If X-Rays are required there would be an additional fee. X-Rays can better assist the dentist to see any changes in your bone, or in the root of teeth. Decay both inside and between the teeth, that is hard to see.  The dentist will be able to see the position of roots and its surroundings.

Solutions for all issues will be proposed to you, and you will receive a personalised treatment plan. This will outline the costs and options that you may have in relation to preventing any further problems that may arise. Our dentist will help you choose the best possible option.


How a long does the Routine Examination take?

Your appointment would take approximately half an hour.

How much does the initial consultation cost?
  • Initial consultation, examination diagnosis and treatment plan €30.
  • For more information about our offers, please check our pricelist.
  • Do you have a questions regarding a dental treatment or would you like to book an appointment?
  • Contact us: 01 855 9910


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