Inlay an Onlay

Inlays and onlays are known as indirect fillings. They are also used to repair the tooth. It is a better alternative to a filling. As a filling can weaken a tooth, whereas inlay or onlay can strengthen the structure of the tooth.


Simply put, inlays and onlays are large fillings, they are used when the teeth has a limited material, due to the removal of large areas because of tooth decay.


In case of inlays and onlays impressions are taken, these are sent to a dental laboratory where a dental technician makes a porcelain insert. Due to the strength of inlays and onlays the teeth becomes more durable, rather than having a large composite filling that could crack by time and is not so durable.


What is the difference between inlay and onlay?

Inlay is used to repair the surface of teeth, they are used after a decay within the cusps of your teeth(the part that you chew with).
Onlay treats larger area than an inlay. Onlay covers the entire biting surface of the teeth.

What are the benefits of inlay/onlay?

They restore a tooth to its natural size, shape and colour. They also improve the strength, function and appearance of a broken tooth before further decay happens.

How much does it cost?
  • Inlay is available from €260
  • Onlay is available from €320.
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