Emergency Dental Treatments

Broken tooth

Wisdom tooth problems

Lost filling


Dental abscess

Tooth extractions

Damaged teeth after an accident

Dental infection

Gum problem

Lost crown

Hole in tooth

Gum pain

Gum infection

Lost veneer

Veneer fallen of

Broken veneer

Broken orthodontic braces

Broken dentures

Don’t delay a dental emergency!
Dental emergencies should be treated as soon as possible to
avoid future complications. Acting quickly can save a tooth, stop
ongoing tissue in the mouth from bleeding, or alleviate severe
pain in the mouth.
Even if you are not in pain, you should act fast and get emergency
dental treatment for injuries where the teeth may have been
forced out of position (extruded), broken (fractured), or knocked
Also, infections in the mouth (also known as abscesses) which
can cause swelling may also cause serious complications, so
please don’t delay in contacting us for an emergency
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