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Welcome to Dental Artistry

A healthy, beautiful and yet natural smile is what the doctors at Dental Artistry Dublin are striving to offer to their patients. State of the art diagnostics, on-site master dental laboratory and a select and private environment, all converge in providing each patient with minimally-invasive and comfortable dental care.

Every smile communicates, inspires and motivates people through the ideas and feelings it expresses and it is unique in its character and aesthetic match.

Why Choose Us!

  • Thorough and Understandable Consultations
    Solutions for all issues will be proposed to you, and you will receive a personalized treatment plan.
  • Quality Services & Best Prices
    From a  chipped tooth to complete cosmetic makeover that transforms your smile, our team provide complete cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and general dentistry services on the very best prices.
  • We Have Extensive Experience
    You can relax knowing that our team have placed 1000s of porcelain veneers,dental implants and crown
  • We Welcome Nervous Patients
    Our Friendly, caring team are always here to to lend a sympathetic ear and help you relax.
  • You can Expect The Highest Level Of Care
    We listen to your concerns carefully,give you a range of treatment options and provide you with your own personalised written treatment plan.
  • We Provide All Dental Service In-House
    From a  chipped tooth to complete cosmetic makeover that transforms your smile,our team provide cosmetic dentistry,dental implants and general dentistry.
  • Your Comfort Is Our Priority
    Our boutique and whole approach to dentistry are designed to help you feel at ease.
  • We Guarantee Our Work
    Your peace of mind is ensured as your fillings and dentures come with a one-year guarantee. Our smile makeovers carry a unique five-year guarantee.

Dental Artistry in Numbers

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0+ Dental Implants per Month